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Bandz is a leading wrist wearables company that provides its constituents with identity and communal belonging.

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Becoming the world’s leading wrist wearable company is a journey of passion, mission, and hard work.

Founded in 2017 by Jack & Jordan Potash, when they were 10 & 11, with the goal of creating a platform for making the world a better place and making a difference in people’s lives. They also wanted to accomplish this mission as a sustainable company with the ability of applying innovation, creativity, and passion and most importantly, doing what they love. Thus, Bandz was born.

Tens of thousands of happy customers later, whether you want to support a meaningful cause, finished a big event, want to show off your favorite team or memorialize an amazing experience, Bandz has the wearable for you.

Bandz is growing to become one of the most popular wrist wearable platforms in the world. We aim to provide the most enjoyable, thoughtful, and unique wearables, all while providing a memorable customer experience.

Speed of design and production, and no fear of tackling big ideas, has enabled Bandz to be there at big events and global happenings. Jack & Jordan have big plans for Bandz and are always coming up with new wearable ideas and concepts with a focus on global growth.

The Bandz team is a diverse collective of passionate designers & banding experts that continuously reimagines what’s possible, challenges the status quo and is the key to bringing the Bandz brand to life.  

Bandz has proven that age is just a number with our CEOs still in High School. Bandz is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity.

If you are committed to thoughtfulness, innovation and want to make the world a better place; to become part of our mission-oriented design team, please e-mail is at team@bandz.com with a link to your design portfolio or to learn more.

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